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Watch Battery Recycling

Recycling 101

Hundreds of millions of batteries are produced each year for watches and other electronics. That is why it is so important to recycle your silver oxide batteries to recover the very valuable silver content of watch batteries. Recycling reduces air, water and ground pollution that would have been caused by incinerating and/or landfilling had the silver oxide batteries been thrown away. This ultimately leads to less mining to obtain raw materials and that is good for all of us. It is also necessary to help preserve the Earth's supply of silver. Learn How It Works to get started now!

Watch Battery Buyers Recycling Service

The world is growing more eco-conscious and Watch Battery Buyers is here to make it easy for you to recycle watch batteries for cash. Our service includes FREE UPS insured shipping and industry high payouts for your silver oxide batteries.

Watch Battery Buyers only buys used silver oxide batteries. All other types of used watch batteries (alkaline, lithium, mercury etc.) should be sorted out and excluded from shipments. It is important that you do not ship mercury or lithium batteries! You can get help with identifying and sorting your used watch batteries on the Sorting Watch Batteries page, as well as learn more batteries that are illegal to ship and find out how to dispose non-silver oxide batteries.

What Are Used Silver Oxide Batteries Worth?

The value of used silver oxide batteries depends on the spot price of silver, which changes constantly like other precious metals. Also, there are some manufacturers that call their batteries silver oxide even though there is only a tiny amount of silver actually in the battery. So the value also depends on the manufacturer and model of the watch batteries (see Sorting Watch Batteries). That means you should call for a quote each time you are considering selling used watch batteries because it is likely the price will always be different. Get a quote by calling Toll Free 877-670-7799, by online Chat (upper right corner of every page), or by Contact Form.

Use these charts provided by Kitco to track the spot price of silver. If you handle used silver oxide batteries on a regular basis, check out Kitco Kcast for FREE mobile and desktop apps.

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