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Shipping Suggestions

No-Loss Procedures for Used Watch Batteries

It is possible that a package may be subjected to rough handling during shipping. Even a small tear or loose seam can result in a significant loss of used watch batteries. On too many occassions we have received a 10 inch cube box with a total of a dozen or so watch batteries rattling around inside. The rest are likely scattered in the backs of UPS trucks nation wide... Therefore, Watch Battery Buyers suggests the following procedures for shipments of used watch batteries:

  • Silver oxide watch batteries should be contained in a heavy duty plastic bag which is securely tied closed with most of the air removed.
    • Do not use zipper-lock style bags, they tend to open under rough handling.
  • Place the plastic bag inside a standard double-walled cardboard shipping box a little larger than the plastic bag.
  • Always place a copy of your contact information inside the box, in case anything happens to the label.
  • All seams of the box should be taped shut.
  • Print out your Pre-Paid UPS label with a laser or thermal printer and tape the label onto the box according to the instructions on the label.
  • Make a note of the tracking # on the label.
  • International shippers, it highly recommended to double-box your materials.

Following these steps will help ensure that your silver oxide watch batteries arrive at our facility with minimum potential for losses during shipping. Watch Battery Buyers is not responsible for losses due to improperly packaged used watch batteries. You can also download our Shipping Suggestions in Adobe pdf format.

Gold-Plate & Gold-Filled Watch Bands

While not so much of a concern, small gold-plate and gold-filled items can still escape through a loose seam or box puncture. It is recommended to follow the above suggested used watch battery shipping procedures to reduce possible losses of valuable materials.