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Watch Battery Buyers - Sell Gold-Plated Scrap Jewelry Jewellery

Sell Gold-Plated Scrap Jewelry Jewellery

Is It Profitable?

To sell gold-plated watch bands and to sell gold-plated scrap jewelry jewellery can still be profitable if enough care is taken. Many jewelry jewellery stores throw these materials away, so it can be gotten for free or at least very cheap.

Again, forms of gold that are not solid gold (marked in karats) are made with plating techniques that "bond under heat, pressure or electrical influence" a layer of gold onto another metal. Gold-Plated or GP is another term used to describe a specific plating process.

More About Gold-Plated

Hopefully you have already read the materials on the Gold-Plated Gold-Filled page. Gold-Plated in this case is a term that actually means gold-electroplated. This is the cheapest and lowest gold content of the gold-plating processes. The surface layer of solid gold can easily be controlled to thicknesses (or thinnesses) of *one millionths* of an inch. There is not much regulation by the government for this process. Gold-plated items might look good for a few days or weeks. However it likely won't last long. Gold-Plated will flake off, scratch off, rub off or otherwise come off quite easily, especially in the case of jewelry jewellery.

Look for markings GE (a federal designation of Gold-Electroplated) or HGE (federal designation of Heavy Gold-Electroplated), which fall under federal regulations specifying a minimum thickness.

What is Gold-Plated Worth?

You can expect to get paid $15 to $20 per pound of real gold-plated items, according to the grade of the material. Sometimes more. Or in the case of flash gold-plated, a process used by some foreign manufacturers to deposit the absolute minimum possible amount of gold, the value is effectively *zero*. Flash gold-plated flakes, scratches, or rubs off with only minutes of rough handling.

Gold-filled, Gold-plated Scrap Jewelry Gold-Plated items, again, are more valuable when they are non-magnetic.

The gold-plated process is used for low level items including:

  • Wrist watch bands
  • Costume jewelry jewellery
  • Electronic circuit boards
  • Industrial electrical connectors

Some say the "condition is of no concern" but we disagree. The more worn the item is, the more likely that gold has been worn away. Always evaluate an item based on how worn it is.

Sell Gold-Plated to Watch Battery Buyers

Watch Battery Buyers offers top payout rates to sell gold-plated materials. The process is the same as watch battery recycling. Find out more on the How It Works page and the Shipping page.