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Watch Battery Buyers - Sell Gold-Filled Scrap Jewelry Jewellery

Sell Gold-Filled Scrap Jewelry Jewellery

Is It Profitable?

Selling gold-filled watch bands and gold-filled scrap jewelry jewellery can be just as profitable as watch battery recycling. In fact, it is common for jewelry jewellery stores to throw these materials away!

Forms of gold that are not solid gold (marked in karats) are made with plating techniques that "bond under heat, pressure or electrical influence" a layer of gold onto another metal. Gold-filled and GF are terms used to describe a specific plating process.

Hopefully you have already read the materials on the Gold-Plated Gold-Filled page and are now ready to find out more. As stated on that page, Gold-filled or GF items have a surface layer of solid gold that is regulated by the government to contain a required minimum of gold. A quality gold-filled item looks like and wears like solid gold and should offer up to thirty years of use. Gold-filled shouldn't flake off, scratch off, rub off or otherwise easily come off.

What is it Worth?

There are other considerations, such as: losses due to surface wear, failing to remove portions of the item that are not gold-filled before weighing and other issues. Also, recovering pure gold from gold-filled items is not easy and there are fees. You can expect to get paid $100 to $400 per pound of marked gold-filled, according to the grade of the material. So keep that in mind when you are making on offer to buy.

These items are more valuable when they are non-magnetic. Magnetic gold-filled items are based on stainless steel, which is much more difficult to refine. Therefore, always carry a magnet.

Gold-filled, Gold-plated Scrap Jewelry The gold-filled process is used for luxury jewelry jewellery items that are intended to last longer. Common items include:

  • Wrist watch bands
  • Wrist watch cases (remove the steel caseback)
  • Pocket watch cases
  • Bracelets and chains
  • Rings, earrings, findings, pins, and brooches
  • Eyeglass frames

Some say the "condition is of no concern" but we disagree. The more worn the item is, the more likely that gold has been worn away. Always evaluate an item based on how worn it is.

Watch Battery Buyers offers top payout rates for gold-filled materials. The process is the same as watch battery recycling. Find out more on the How It Works page and the Shipping page.