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The American Watchmakers - Clockmakers Institute is the premier organization dedicated to the timekeeping or horology industry. Their goal is to promote the highest standards of workmanship in the horological crafts.

It is the role of AWCI to:

  • Promote the horology industry
  • Support clockmaking and watchmaking schools and provide continuing education
  • Set a standard of excellence through certification
  • Provide numerous professional services to members

Watch Battery Buyers believes in the power and purpose of the AWCI as an organization, thus members that choose us to recycle batteries for cash receive a 1 weight-class bump up in their payout rate! Watch Battery Buyers is the AWCI watch battery recycling partner for the AWCI Education, Library and Museum Charitable Trust (ELM Charitable Trust). AWCI members can choose to have their watch battery recycling profits donated to the Trust.


The National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors is a nonprofit scientific organization that serves as a unique educational, cultural, and social resource for its membership and the public at large.

Members include hobbyists, students, educators, casual collectors, and professionals in related retail and manufacturing trades. The one common bond (and main membership requirement) is a fascination with the art and science of timekeeping (horology).