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Watch Battery Buyers - Your Watch Battery Recycling Partner

How It Works

1. Collect Materials to Recycle for Cash

Gather your used watch batteries, gold-plate watch bands, gold-filled watch bands and other gold-plate and gold-filled scrap jewelry. Used watch batteries should be separated using the guidelines on the Sorting Watch Batteries page. Weigh the separated silver oxide watch batteries and write that number down. Gold-plate and gold-filled watch bands and other gold-plate and gold-filled scrap jewelry can all go together. Weigh the materials and write that number down.

2. Call Watch Battery Buyers 877.670.7799

Or send an email through our Contact Form or use the Chat feature in the upper right corner of every page. Ask for the latest payout rates on silver oxide watch batteries. Higher weight means bigger payout rates! Remember, your final payout rate will be based on spot price of silver the day your package is delivered to Watch Battery Buyers. Gold-plate and gold-filled materials will be evaluated at our warehouse as per the information on the Gold-Plated -Filled page.

3. Get FREE Insured UPS Shipping

Watch Battery Buyers will email, fax or mail to you a Prepaid UPS shipping label. Shipping is insured and FREE! All you do is print out the label and tape it to your box according to the instructions on the label. UPS packages can be handed to your daily delivery driver or taken to any UPS Store, UPS Customer Center, UPS Drop Box or UPS Alliance locations such as Office Depot and Staples.

4. Receive Industry High Payouts, FAST

Within 1 to 2 business days of the arrival of your package at Watch Battery Buyers, your materials will be evaluated and you will be contacted to make arrangements for payment. Settlement is usually made by company check but can also be made by wire*. In the case of shipments from outside the United States, Watch Battery Buyers can also issue payment via Western Union*. (*any fees from specialty payment services will be deducted from settlement)

5. Start Over!