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Watch Battery Buyers - Sell Gold-Filled, Sell Gold-Plated Scrap Jewelry Jewellery

Gold-Plated and Gold-Filled Scrap

Is It Profitable?

To sell gold-plated and to sell gold-filled scrap jewelry jewellery can be just as profitable as watch battery recycling. However, many recyclers don't collect these materials and it is even common for jewelry jewellery stores to throw these materials away! Why? Because there is very little regulation of quality and markings. Thus, it can be hard to identify which materials will be profitable.

Watch Battery Buyers is here to help unravel the mystery so you can expand your business and increase your profits!

How to Identify Gold 101

Solid Gold

Solid gold items are labeled according to the karat of the gold: 10kt, 14kt, 18kt, 24kt etc. But what do these all mean? 24kt means 99.9 percent pure gold. Okay, now that is GOLD. What do the rest mean? 18kt is 75 percent gold; 14kt is 58.3 percent gold; 10kt is 41.6 percent gold. Okay, only 41.6 percent gold and 58.4 percent something else, but it is still called solid gold. It turns out 24kt gold isn't very useful because it is very soft, so other metals are generally added to make the item more durable and also to change the color from bright yellow to dark yellow, red or pink. Watch Battery Buyers does not usually buy karat gold scrap.

All other forms of gold are made of a base metal with a layer of gold -plated- to the outside. Plated means "bonded under heat, pressure and / or electrical influence" to another metal, the metal the actual item was made from. Thus, technically, there are only solid gold and gold-plated items. However, there are different types of gold-plating and with different and misleading names.

The following information is an attempt to present a clear picture of the different types of gold-plated materials a recycler will come across. Watch Battery Buyers suggests that recyclers do independent research before preparing to sell gold-filled or sell gold-plated scrap.


Gold-filled or GF items will typically contain the highest amount of gold content of all the gold-plated technologies. Items marked Gold-filled or GF are plated with a layer of karat gold according to federal government regulations that specify a required minimum of gold. The usual markings are: 1/10 10kt, 1/20 12kt, 1/20 14kt. An item marked 1/10 10kt has a layer of 10kt gold on the surface that must weigh at least 1/10th the total weight of the item. So the surface of the item is a layer of solid gold of the marked karat and the amount and value of the gold content can be determined by weighing the item and doing some math. Learn more details about this material and "what is gold-filled worth?" on the Sell Gold-Filled page.

Rolled Gold or Rolled Gold Plate

What is Rolled Gold Plate or RGP? These items are made the same way as gold-filled, but with generally much lower gold content. Typical marks are 1/40 10kt or 1/60 12kt. 1/60 12kt has a layer of 12kt gold on the surface that must weigh at least 1/60th the total weight of the item. Learn more details about this material and "what is rolled gold plate worth?" on the Sell Rolled Gold Plate page.

Gold-Plated or Gold-Electroplated

Isn't it confusing that one of the forms of gold-plating is actually called gold-plated? That's probably because the word 'electroplated' is too long and / or because people learned what electroplated meant. Electroplating involves working with metals at the tiny scale of the ion using electrical charges. This allows for extremely thin layers of gold to be plated to a surface and can be perfectly controlled down to *one millionths* of an inch. Older gold-plated items have enough gold content to be worth selling, especially if the item is marked GE (gold-electroplated) or HGE (heavy gold electroplated). Many forms of modern gold-plated, especially foreign-made flash gold-plated has a surface layer so thin that it is essentially worthless. Learn more details about this material and "what is gold-plated worth?" on the Sell Gold-Plated page.

Selling Gold-Plated and Gold-Filled

Watch Battery Buyers offers top payout rates for gold-plated and gold-filled materials. The process is the same as watch battery recycling. Find out more on the How It Works page and the Shipping page.