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Watch Battery Buyers - Your Watch Battery Recycling Partner

Global Recycling Market

It's easy to recycle batteries for cash even if you are outside the USA. Watch Battery Buyers' staff has several years experience importing shipments from numerous countries. The vast volume of Harmonized Tariff classifications are no mystery to us! Your shipment of recycling materials will be insured, all paperwork will be properly filed, and a professional broker will handle the transaction.

Watch Battery Buyers is the online presence for Southeast Precious Metals, Inc., a legal business incorporated in the state of Florida in the United States of America. You can confirm this by going to the About US page where you will find a link to the Florida Department of State - Division of Corporations with our ACTIVE business status. Your used watch batteries and gold-plated gold-filled watch bands are in good hands at Watch Battery Buyers.

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Before You Ship

It is very important to carefully sort your used watch batteries using the steps explained on the Sorting Watch Batteries page to remove all zero-value watch batteries. The excess weight of non-silver oxide watch batteries in an international shipment can substantially increase shipping costs and a portion of that increased cost may be charged back to you.

Watch Battery Buyers strongly advises that all procedures in the Shipping Suggestions are followed most especially in the case of international shipments.

Contact Watch Battery Buyers when you are going to ship to confirm you have the correct Harmonized Tariff classification for your materials and that both parties have all necessary information to track the progress of the shipment.