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Watch Battery Buyers - Your Watch Battery Recycling Partner

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Welcome to Watch Battery Buyers!

Watch Battery Buyers provides a no-cost, easy way to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle watch batteries for cash! Our clients receive the highest payouts in the industry when they sell used watch batteries, sell gold-plated and sell gold-filled watch bands and scrap jewelry jewellery. Learn How It Works to get started now!

Our service includes FREE shipping, friendly customer service, ethical business practices and fast turn-around. We are a legal business incorporated in South Florida and a member of the AWCI and NAWCC. Watch Battery Buyers is the fastest and safest way to sell used watch batteries. We are available to arrange your shipment or answer questions by phone Toll Free 877-670-7799, by online Chat (upper right corner of every page), or by Contact Form.

Our global watch battery recycling program is built on several years experience in global logistics and finance. We will help make sure your exported watch batteries move properly through official channels and arrive at our warehouse quickly. Learn more about exporting your used watch batteries to the United States and how our global watch battery recycling program works.

Selling = Recycling

Sell Used Watch Batteries for a Win-Win-Win Scenario

The fact that recycling is the global moral imperative of the 21st century doesn't mean it isn't also a great business opportunity. Sell your used watch batteries and be part of the solution! Non-valuable waste materials are properly destroyed. Silver is reclaimed to be used again in new products. Your business earns additional profits.

Watch Battery Recycling Equals Cash!

Sell your used watch batteries and add a great revenue stream to your business. Become a collection point for used watch batteries in your area to increase the visibility of your business to consumers and businesses, and earn respect for your Earth-friendly recycling practices.